Our mission is to use our natural resources as efficiently as possible by producing the best upcycled products.

By doing so, we contribute to a healthier food system while battling food waste.

The 1,6 billion ton problem

Currently 1/3 of the worlds food production goes to waste before it even gets to our table due to imperfection in our current value chain system. Every year.

The cost of producing all of this waste is 8% of global CO2 emissions.

18% of the freshwater

25% of our agricultural land (equals the size of China!)


500 million tons of all food waste happens at the production level where companies produce other food. Part of this food waste is byproducts of other food productions and often there is nothing wrong with it still holds high nutritional value.

2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

All these challenges have created a tremendous concern among international organizations which has made food systems transformation essential towards UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (UN-2030-SDA). UN-FAO recommends that reducing food waste is considered the 3rd most impactful solution towards UN-2030-SDA.

How it's done

Find the food

Depending on current food trends, certain industries produce more byproducts then others. The starting point is finding that byproduct.

Make it delicious

After we have found our byproduct, we think, and then we think some more, and then we give it the care and attention it deserves.

Take it to the next level

In this phase we find the people to produce the best tasting, environmentally friendly and extremely cool products and make them available for human consumpion.

Big changes start small. It’s by helping and inspiring our neighbours to do and be better that makes a difference in the long run. As a Malmö based company we would love to get in contact with small and big businesses that want to take small steps together for a healthier world.

10% to charity

The human race is used to take what we can get, but we’re not as keen on giving back. We want to think more about our community and the world we live in. That’s why we give 10 % of our profit to a charity we believe in.

Simply was born to inspire and help companies take action against the massive food waste that is being produced daily.

We see ourselves as a Food-Technology Company with a focus on “upcycling” residue products to showcase the potential of not wasting anything.

We aim to achieve this by using “Systematic Waste Circulation” as a part of our solution to create products for human consumption.

A diamond in the rough

Our goal is not simply to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs) but also to help and to change the way manufacturers think about their byproducts by diverting these food components and re-classifying them as a safe co-product with all the health benefits and high valued nutritions they contain.

Whatever byproducts or “foodwaste” we get our hands on, we will nurture back into a perfectly beautiful product suitable for any human out there!

Don’t hesitate to join our adventure. 

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