KADO – Ginger & Lemon CAN

Ginger comes with a burst of anti-inflammatory properties and is a great natural antioxidant.

To pair it with lemon means we give you a boost of citrus flavour and quenches you from thirst on a hot sunny day. We threw in a bit of apple to soothe your sweet tooth without added any refined or processed sugar.

Experience the timeless harmony of ginger and lemon, carefully crafted to elevate the natural goodness of avocado seeds.

The carbon footprint is 0,64 kg of CO2.

I used to be an avocado seed, considered as food waste even though i contain 30% of the avocado fruits nutritional value. Then my friends at Simply No Waste started mixing me with other fresh fruits. Now I’m this – a drink that also battles food waste!

Mixed with strawberries, tastes like peach.



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