KADO – Sunset CAN

This is a mild yet delicious flavour that was created with the calmness of Oolong & Sencha tea and the antioxidant sensualness of strawberries that adds to the romantic blush of the drink itself.

Imagine you’re watching the sunset while sipping on this flavour of Kado. With the faint aromatic essence of vanilla that will mesmerize you, along with the lack of refined sugar, be sure that Sunset will give you a taste that’ll blow your mind away.

Dive into a symphony of flavours that awaken the senses and leave you craving more.

The carbon footprint is 0,51 kg of CO2.

I used to be an avocado seed, considered as food waste even though i contain 30% of the avocado fruits nutritional value. Then my friends at Simply No Waste started mixing me with other fresh fruits. Now I’m this – a drink that also battles food waste!

Mixed with strawberries, tastes like peach.



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